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emiliano-bruguera-BIOGRAFIA DOS viñeta
music therapy


Emiliano Bruguera González, musician, music producer, audio engineer. In 1997 he founded the company BIOARMONIAMUSICAL which currently bears his name and develops different studies and research on the effect of sound for people’s well-being, applied in alternative therapies for relaxation, meditation and healing. His music therapy work ranges from the development and study of Brain Waves, to the mixing and composition of instrumental music with sounds of nature, achieving stimulating and beneficial therapeutic results that help in different activities that require concentration and relaxation. His extensive musical catalog offers different therapeutic approaches for activities in the development of people’s well-being, achieving very positive effects. Additionally, part of Eastern culture and ancestral music are mixed in his musical compositions.

Emiliano Bruguera, since 2020, begins to carry out one of his most important works of musical research, the Solfeggio frequencies and the Frequencies of the Angels (Music of Angel Numbers), in his research he creates an instrument based on the tunings and Frequencies Tonal Solfeggios Antiguas, to then apply it in their compositions, with the different tonal variations of the sound achieving positive auditory effects for the well-being of people. The sounds generated by the Solfeggio instrument are unique, they are based on musical tonal tunings that depend on the Hz (Hertz) such as 174 Hz -285 Hz -396 Hz -417 Hz -528 Hz -639 Hz -741 Hz – 852Hz-963Hz.

Additionally, during his research he begins to study the numerology and frequency of angels, and then create another instrument based on the tonal frequencies of angelic music. He unifies these two works in the same musical space. His composition and research work has given originality and credibility to his musical content. In his compositions the effect of sound is unique and immediate, achieving states of deep relaxation and meditation with positive, healing, tranquilizing and spiritual effects such as frequencies. angelic tones 1111 Hz – 999 Hz – 888 Hz – 777 Hz – 555 Hz – 444 Hz – 333 Hz – 222 H